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BMP Application Forms

Please use the online forms below to contact us with your enquiries. 
We will get back to you personally to attend to your mortgage or relocation requirements.
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Our Strategic Partners

Best Mortgages Panama has been highly successful in forming and maintaining powerful relationships with leading organizations. We strive to combine our expertise with our partners' high-level industry and domain knowledge in order to present a complete solution offering for our joint customers. 

Below are some of our key strategic partners:

Montanas de Caldera, a premier property developer providing a very high quality Residential
Resort of luxury Villas and Town Houses with all the necessary amenities.
Located between Boquete and David in Chiriquí province under the spectacular
backdrop of the Caldera Mountain ranges.


Afta Insurance
Afta Insurance is one of Panama's leading insurance brokers with access to every major insurance provider. They match each client's specific requirements to the insurance program that best suits that client's situation. AFTA provides customers with 24 hour service for Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Property (Fire, Burglary) Insurance - the most requested product categories for residential buyers.
Royal Le Page is one of Canada's largest real estate brokers who see Panama as an opportunity area for their Canadian clients seeking retirement or 2nd homes.
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BMP Re-Lo  

Settling you in comfortably…

in more ways than one.

Make buying a new home in a new country easy on yourself. Make it an experience that’s joyful and affordable.

Re-Lo Application

 BMP Re-Lo is a one-of-a-kind ‘settling you in’ company that can help you select furniture, appliances, blinds, lighting, electronics and systems (FABLES) and have these installed exactly the way you want, with the help of technicians and architects.

Looking at relocating to Panama? Apply Now.

BMP Relo can also guide a new homeowner with design ideas and suggestions. Our knowledge of the products themselves and our contacts with key wholesalers, Zona Libre (i.e. Free Zone) importers and most Panama City retailers will benefit you immensely. Not only will you make substantial savings - which will more than cover our service fee -. you will be presented with an array of international brands to choose from.

Other unique services include installation of multi-lock security doors, designer window grills (that look like window frames) and arrangements required for phone, fax, internet and cable connections within the dwelling.

Everything is customized to the homeowner's taste and budget

Start off Comfortably - Bilingual Customer Service

Happy Clients

Call one of our knowledgeable and friendly bi-lingual Customer Service Reps. He or she will listen carefully to you and get an understanding of what it is you are looking for, both in terms of brand/design and budget.

Only after this, will you be presented with all the options available for each service and product category. This discussion will be conducted at our office or at a selected retail store. Upon finalization of your list, you will be accompanied to see and select the various products you require. Our CSRs will present you with a detailed quotation for each product category selected, showing the savings you have made.

Pay For it Comfortably - Easy Payment Plan

Client Calling

Trust us, you will make huge savings through us and you can see this on paper. Also, our payment terms are easy to understand. Once you see the savings you make – and this will be presented to you even before you buy…you’re going to appreciate the fact that BMP Relo was around.

It is also important to remember two facts:

  • these deals are usually special negotiated prices and
  • inventory among Panama's wholesalers turns over rapidly.

BMP Re-Lo charges a flat fee, which is quoted after discussing the project with you, the homeowner. Payment is 100% in advance. In addition, BMP Re-Lo charges for all travel and miscellaneous incidentals incurred, which is invoiced weekly for prompt payment. BMP Re-Lo provides quotes for each product and service provided including delivery and installation. All vendors are paid directly by BMP Re-Lo. Usually, customers have BMP Re-Lo hold their full budgeted amount so as to avoid numerous transfers. BMP Re-Lo guarantees reconciliation as soon as each activity is concluded.

Settle in Comfortably - Installation Service Supervision

Fixing for customers

Happy Clients

BMP Re-Lo organizes economical deliveries and professional installation while you're back home at the ranch. Everything is inspected and tested by our CSRs and all Warranty and Guarantee papers are handed over to you in a handy BMP Re-Lo plastic pouch, once the job is complete.

Custom Installations: All custom installations (Air Conditioner Splits, Blinds/Curtains, Window Safety Grills, Security Doors, Lighting systems) are undertaken by professionals from each vendor under the supervision of a BMP Re-Lo CSR. After BMP Re-Lo pricing analyst has checked vendor quotes, they are presented to you for approval and payment.
Once payment has been received, installation by the vendor takes place.

Coordination with Property Developers: When it comes to activating or repairing incomplete or non-working electrical, plumbing and construction connections within the new dwelling, we interface for you, with the Property Developers to get them to complete their obligations. However, this service can only be offered on a "Best Efforts" basis and no positive results are guaranteed. Still, our success rate is very high.
Most homeowners hire us as Property Managers.

Utilities and Communications Providers: Installation of electricity, phone/fax, internet, cable connections inside the specific unit is often the responsibility of the Owner. This results in the need for each Owner to interface with these institutions, usually with frustrating results. Usually gas and water connections are made available into each unit, though there are cases where this is not the case.
BMP Re-Lo handles all this for the Owner.

Timelines and Deadlines: BMP Re-Lo will try it's best to stay within timelines agreed upon with the homeowner. But it is important to realize that we are at the mercy of vendor installers and Property Developer representatives, who often reschedule appointments at the last minute owing to traffic, weather and other reasons. Phone, internet, cable and utility provider representatives are well known for their tardiness.
BMP Re-Lo CSRs proactively contact all vendors just prior to the measurement or installation date in an attempt to alleviate this problem.

Contact us

Call us at 213-7713 or 213-7714 or 6677-3787

E-Mail us at: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra los robots de spam, necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla

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Inspecciones y Avalúos

Best Mortgages Panama tiene a mano un listado de Inspectores Residenciales Calificados y trabaja con un equipo profesional de Avalúo Residencial, los cuales son reconocidos y aceptados por todos los principales bancos y agencias de bienes raíces en Panamá.

Como es necesario conocer el valor comercial de la propiedad en el mercado, al momento que Ud. desea comprar o vender, los equipos expertos de Best Mortgages pueden inspeccionar, evaluar y dar un avalúo para la propiedad que le interesa, lo cual influirá en el valor de la propiedad.  Actualizará el valor registrado de la propiedad, según su valor de mercado, y permitirle pagar 10% menos del impuesto (catastral) de sus ingresos al momento de la venta (de conformidad con Ley 6, adoptada el 2 de febrero de 2005, al menos que haya cambio).

Proceso de Solicitud y Aprobación PDF Imprimir E-Mail

Proceso de Solicitud y Aprobación


1. Solicitud a Best Mortgages Panamá

Después de enviarle a Best Mortgages Panamá  el Formulario de Solicitud (BMP 2008-4) solicitando que nosotros trabajemos por Ud. para asegurarle una hipoteca para su compra, nosotros le brindamos un “Estimado de Costos”.  Esto estará basado en nuestro análisis preliminar GRATIS de su solicitud de hipoteca a bancos panameños, y para esto deberán enviarnos todos los documentos requeridos según la Lista de Documentos (Docs 2008-4), disponible en nuestro sitio web bajo la sección “Obtener una Pre-Aprobación de Hipoteca”.

Una vez Ud. ha aprobado y firmado el Estimado de Costos que le enviamos, estaremos legalmente contratados por Ud. para trabajar para Ud.  Los Términos descritos en el Estimado de Costos detallarán la forma de pago.

2. Solicitud a ciertos bancos panameños

Nosotros le explicaremos la estrategia específica para su caso que proponemos seguir para obtener aprobación de su solicitud de préstamo hipotecario. Éste análisis será basado en su Situación Financiera específica, su Historial de Crédito y las políticas crediticias vigentes en este momento en varios bancos panameños y otras instituciones financieras.

Se necesita Completa Divulgación
Es sumamente importante que nos proporcione información completa y correcta sobre su situación financiera y crediticia.  De lo contrario, habrá demoras, desaprobación probable de parte de la institución financiera deseadas y pérdida significativa de tiempo y energía para Best Mortgages Panamá y para usted.

3. Solicitud del Banco y Proceso de Aprobación

Cada banco o institución financiera panameña tiene su propio formulario de solicitud para solicitudes de hipotecas.  Nosotros tendremos estas solicitudes disponibles para usted, le ayudaremos a llenar los formularios, y nos aseguraremos que tenga disponibles los documentos de soporte que requiere la institución financiera.

Enviando la solicitud a la primera institución financiera.

Se enviará su solicitud personalmente al banco escogido en una primera reunión, junto con nuestro análisis personalizado y recomendaciones.

Después de la entrega exitosa de la solicitud, el banco hará su propio análisis, y generalmente responderá con preguntas.

Esto podrá hacer necesario una segunda reunión con el banco.  En todo caso, conversaremos con usted sobre estas preguntas y le pediremos aclaraciones y/o documentos adicionales, antes de presentarlas al banco.  Durante esta etapa sería conveniente para usted si asiste a esta segunda reunión.

El banco seguirá tramitando la solicitud y responderán con su decisión sobre su aprobación o rechazo, con sus razones.  Si el banco está preparado para aprobar la solicitud, ellos podrán detallar términos y condiciones sobre garantías, pago inicial, tasas de interés, seguros necesarios, otros, etc.  Probablemente recibiremos esta información en una tercera reunión.  En ese momento analizaremos todo y presentaremos a usted una recomendación sobre proceder o no con la solicitud en este banco.

Si nuestra recomendación es de seguir, nosotros le aconsejaremos sobre los mejores términos que probablemente podrá recibir y qué se podrá negociar.

Con su aprobación, seguiremos con este trámite, y esperamos asegurar la aprobación del banco y finalizar con éxito esta transacción.

Enviando la solicitud a una segunda institución financiera.

Si no hubo éxito con la solicitud en la primera institución financiera, le recomendaremos una segunda opción y seguiremos el mismo proceso con esa solicitud.

Después de recibir toda la respuesta de la institución financiera, le prestaremos con nuestra recomendación de proceder o no con la solicitud a este banco.

Si nuestra recomendación es de proceder, le avisaremos los mejores términos que probablemente podrá recibir y qué se podrá negociar.

Con su aprobación, seguiremos con este trámite, y esperamos asegurar la aprobación del banco y finalizar con éxito esta transacción

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