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This information has been provided as a service to you to assist you as you educate yourself in Mortgage and Financial matters in Panama . Please feel free to print this information for offline reading if you desire.

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Ritu Saini

Ritu Saini

With over fourteen years of Panama banking experience and specialized expertise in mortgages and loan financing, Ritu Saini was listed among the Top 50 Women Executives in Central America by Estrategia & Negocios Magazine. Ritu is a MBA honor roll graduate from Nova Southeastern University, Ft Lauderdale, Florida. She speaks several languages fluently, including English and Spanish and is well travelled. Ritu started her banking career at Grupo Banistmo and later worked for HSBC. Her customers were from several nationalities - both individuals and international corporations. She has handled a portfolio exceeding $ 200MM in providing financing for a growing roster of Panamanian and international clients. Ritu Saini is also the founder of Biz Financial Strategies - a Panama based business consultancy company.
Publications: 1. "Taking Corporate Banking into the Next Millenium" - Offshore Outlook; 2. "Las Pymes, sector en crecimiento"


Samar Choudhuri

Samar Choudhuri

An engineer/MBA, Samar holds a MBA (Finance/Operations Research) as well as an Electronics Engineering  degree. He has worked in several multinationals like PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Sunkist and J Walter Thompson. He sits on the board of several U.S., Canada and Panama based companies like Techtrans Intl, Bridgeland Marketing, Praxis Data Corpn, Biz Financial Strategies and Viajes Cora S.A. Samar has considerable hands-on experience in real estate projects in California, Canada and Panama and is well versed in the requirements for mortgage financing, securing corporate loans, appraisals and preparing client packages for lender evaluation.


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Our Services 

Sample the Best Mortgages Panama services

Whether  you're a first-time buyer, renewing an existing mortgage or want to change your current financing, Best Mortgages Panama will help you every step of the way, offering:

  • Streamlined and highly personalized service
  • Counselling on credit and mortgage qualifications
  • The most competitive rates
  • Maximum flexibility in financing choices
  • Services for home purchase, mortgage renewal or mortgage refinancing
  • Choice of suitable realtors, insurance agents, or any other home-related professional that you may require
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About Investments

The best reasons to invest in Panama 
  • Most major banks will provide financing for foreigners.
  • 90 percent of the real estate on the market is freehold.
  • Foreigners have the same rights as locals when it comes to purchasing and owning title property.
  • Title here is fee simple - once you own the title, it's yours.
  • Property insurance is inexpensive in comparison to other countries, such as the United States.
  • This works out to a savings based on registered property value.
  • If you are buying property in Panama, that qualifies for partial Property Tax Exemption, you can get to know just how much by using the "Property Tax Savings" Calculator
  • Panama doesn't have any real natural disasters.
  • Investors can easily leave their property to their heirs by setting up a Panamanian corporation to hold it.
  • legal set-up cost for this is only around  US $1,200.
  • There are currently more than 35 high rise buildings under construction in Panama and more than 300 additional projects in the planning stages. When all these buildings are completed, more than 40,000 apartment units will come on line within the next 5-10 years
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    About Living There 

    The best reasons to live and invest in Panama

    Panama is rated as the number one place in the Americas for retirement by Modern Maturity magazine of the American Association of Retired Persons, and the number one place in the world by International Living. Panama was selected as one of the six best places for a second home in the Americas, by Conde Nast Traveler.

    Panama has a US dollar based steady economy, almost free of inflation and it is ranked as the most globalized country in Latin America.

    Panama offers tax breaks.
    The Panamanian Government has created a series of taxation breaks and incentives to encourage investments.

    Panama is home to Latin America's largest international banking center, the Colon Free Trade Zone, and the Panama Canal.

    Panama is close by.
    Located in Central America, Panama is easy to get to – 6 hours by plane from Canada (with regular and charter flights from Toronto), and a short plane ride away from the U.S., as well. There are direct flights to and from Panama from 7 U.S. cities- Newark and Houston (Continental), Atlanta (Delta), Miami (American and Copa), Los Angeles (Copa), Dallas (American), and Washington Dulles, Orlando (Copa).

    Panama is safe.
    Panama is one of the safest countries in the world. Petty street crimes, that hinder tourists in other countries, are rare.

    Panama is a beautiful country with a wide variety of world-class attractions. 
    Panama has a wide variety of destinations, activities and world class attractions, all in close proximity: exotic tropical rain forests, beautiful mountain refuges, Caribbean-style beaches, nature, a sophisticated capital city, fine dining, sport fishing, diving, rafting, golf, native Indian culture, historical sites, not to mention that 8th wonder of the world and an engineering marvel- The Panama Canal. All in a country, just 50 miles wide at its narrowest point.

    Panama is a developed nation.
    Amazing natural beauty, a super-modern infrastructure, good roads, clean water, year-round warm weather, excellent health care, a highly efficient public transportation system, a peaceful atmosphere, and a rich history – Panama in Central America, has it all. And with the help of mortgage experts at Best Mortgages Panama, you too can own a part of this paradise.


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